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Techvision ThinkTank service is always customized according to the customer’s needs. ThinkThank serves as a first step in the creative process of a high quality video production.  ThinkTank helps determinate the needs and message of an advertisement or of an introduction video. During ThinkTank, we also find the best audiences and channels to reach them.

TechVision team has expertise, technical skills and vast amount of fresh ideas. During ThinkTank service we sit together with our customers, and together draw the best possible plan for video advertising and communication.

Videos are powerful branding and marketing tools. With good planning and excellent execution, a video will reach huge audiences effectively. Videos are good advertisement and communicational tools for all companies and organisations of any size.

ThinkTank service includes:

  • Goal determination based on the nature of the company, their product, and their marketing
  • Advice and discussions on what type of video is the most suitable.
  • Watching references and other videos to help with the creative process and strategy.
  • Our customized suggestions on the most effective video options.
  • Final decision, after which the video production can begin.

Video services

Videos help with branding and visibility

A picture is worth a thousand words – a video is worth even more. Videos are powerful and effective tools for reaching audiences widely. A high quality video advert boosts the brand value and servers as a quick fix to marketing problems. It’s time to add audiovisual production into your marketing and communication strategy!

TechVision #CreativeVideoProduction

TechVision offers customized, high quality and beautifully made video production. Our ThinkTank-service ensures customer satisfaction by mapping out our customer`s needs, brand details and current situation before starting the video production process.

We are video experts in the following areas:

Video advertising is for everyone

Videos are strong communication tools, suitable for companies of all sizes in every field. A video advertisement visualizes the work, products, working methods, expertise, and quality of a company in just minutes or even less. With the help of 3D -modelling, animations, and graphics, we make sense of even the most complicated processes and figures for any viewer. Each video tells a story, and we will make sure that the story matches your company image and is right for your audience.

1. Introduction videos

Make your company or product known with an introduction video! We will plan, film, direct, cut, edit, animate, produce, and deliver a high quality video product. Our ThinkTank-service ensures the best results.

2. Stories

A video tells a story or captures events and moments in a powerful way. TechVision turns your moments into an appealing story.

3. Corporate videos

Corporate videos are tools for effective internal and external communication. They are perfect for communicating information inside the corporation. TechVision also produces interesting news clips and informative videos for your selected audience.

4. Educational videos

Using videos for teaching is always consistent and evenly effective. Educational videos are useful tools especially for employer introductions. Videos are interesting to watch and therefore help with learning. We can add graphics and subtitles in different languages when necessary.

5. Promotional videos

Promotional videos increase the visibility of an event or an organisation. TechVision ThinkTank service will help you determinate the goals and suitable content for your promotional video.

In the Sky

Up in the sky is our comfort zone!  We film air shows, drone material, educational films, show reels and commercial videos. Our technical knowledge and innovative thinking gives us an edge in installing cameras in aircrafts. TechVision offers professional and reliable filming service on land and up in the sky.

TechVision Air show experts

We have filmed with Czech-, Turkish-, Jordanian-, Spanish- and Finnish air forces. We have experience filming promotional and presentational videos during air shows. Trust the real experts to do the challenging aerial filming for you. With us safety comes first at all times!

Pilot tracking

TechVision films for educational purposes as well. We offer filming services for tracking the progress of a student pilot. With the help of these videos the educators are able to follow the student pilot’s concentration, behaviour and aircraft controlling skills. Ask for more information!

Drone and aerial imaging

TechVision provides high quality imaging for many purposes. With our professional equipment, we deliver high quality 4k uhd video and smooth still images from the bird perspective. In corporate films it’s effective to use aerial images to indicate a place of operations and to show nice scenery. Drone footage is always interesting and get those much needed online views!

For more information on aviation related filming, contact Daniel Majander:

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